Hello. I’m Alex and I’m an osteopath.

I’ve been an osteopath for nearly 10 years, after first discovering osteopathy as a patient, and thinking it was brilliant! 

Before I became an osteopath, I was a project manager, which means I do like to have a plan for my patients. I will always give you my best estimate of how long treatment will take. You should expect to feel an improvement within 1-2 appointments and certainly within 3 appointments, however your recovery will depend on the complexity and length of time that the problem has been going on.  

I'm also realistic about recovery. If your lifestyle doesn’t complement your recovery, we'll discuss whether changes are possible. If you need different or additional help, such as a doctor, consultant, physiotherapist or podiatrist I’ll try and find the right place for you. Sometimes you’ll need to do exercises to help, or modify an aggravating activity for a while so we’ll cover that too.

Your body has to last you a lifetime, and I want to help you find ways for it to do just that.

Alex Davies

B.Sc (hons) Osteopathy, B.Sc (hons) Behavioural Science, P. Cert Specialist Pediatric Osteopathic Practice 

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