Covid-19 Hygiene and safety policy 

Please be assured the risks to your personal health are taken very seriously at Body for Life Osteopathy. All reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure your safety whilst you are in the clinic and are detailed below.


Daily hygiene at the clinic


  • All likely contact surfaces: door buzzer, door handles, light switches, sink taps and toilet flushes etc will be sanitised daily (and more frequently where possible)

  • To reduce surface contact, where possible, internal doors will be left open to ease your route through the building

  • The clinic room is sanitised at the beginning and end of the day and between every patient. This includes cleaning of the plinth, chairs, desk, payment machine and computer

  • All pillow-cases, towels or blankets used during treatment are changed between patients


Personal protective equipment


  • I will be wearing a medical-grade fluid resistant face mask during your consultation, and a disposable apron during treatment.  If you are a high-risk patient, gloves may also be worn, however good handwashing is thought to be sufficiently effective if all other hygiene procedures are followed. For all patients, I will ask if you prefer me to wear gloves or not.

  • You will also be given a disposable mask to wear which you will need to fit over your mouth and nose during your consultation. You will be asked to take this with you when you leave the clinic and dispose of it safely (i.e. double-wrapped before being placed in a refuse bin)

  • The apron, mask and gloves are there to significantly reduce the risk of me as a vector of transmission between patients. I recognise that this can be a bit unsettling at first, but I promise I’m there under the mask and smiling at you, even if you can’t see me!

  • I will, as always, be washing my hands before and after each treatment and at other intervals throughout the day


Appointment times


  • Appointment times have been adjusted to allow more time between patients for room sanitising and to reduce contact between patients between appointments

  • Patients are asked to arrive on time for appointments to reduce contact with other patients between appointments.