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What to expect from a remote consultation

If you are unable to attend the clinic for a face to face appointment, you will be offered a video consultation via Zoom software, which is very easy to use: at the time of your appointment, just click the emailed link that has been sent to you (you will need to have a webcam on your computer for this to work!).  Alternatively, telephone consultation can be used.  Diagnosis is more challenging over the telephone but can be done if you prefer.

  • Before your appointment, please make sure you are in a quiet place with as much privacy as possible.  You are welcome to have a chaperone with you

  • At the appointment time, follow the emailed link to the Zoom virtual meeting area, activating your webcam if needed so we can see and hear each other (if it is a telephone consultation, I will call you from following number: 07710 466880).  I will be in a private room with no other people to see or hear the conversation

  • If it is your first appointment, please allow up to 45 minutes for the consultation.  If it is a follow-up appointment, allow 30 minutes.  This amount of time is not always required, but it is better not to feel rushed

  • The consultation is NOT recorded.  I will be taking notes throughout the consultation in order to accurately create a medical record for you.  Your medical records will be stored securely in line with GDPR (privacy) regulations

  • If this is the first time you have had an appointment with Body for Life Osteopathy, I will start by taking your full address and date of birth for your medical records. This is to be able to correctly identify you and your records for any further contact or referral to another professional, e.g. your GP (if needed, and with your permission)

  • I will then ask how I can help you today.  This is your opportunity to discuss why you have made the appointment, any pain or movement restrictions that you have, how it is affecting you and any concerns that you have

  • In order to work out what the problem is,  I may need to ask you to remove a top or bottom article of clothing (always keeping your underwear on!) so that I can see, for example, your back, knee or shoulder and related joints as clearly as possible. This helps with accurate diagnosis.  If you are not comfortable with this, please do let me know.  Remember that the consultation is NOT recorded

  •  I will also ask about your medical history as this can be critical to an accurate diagnosis.  I will ask you to perform movements to help with diagnosis, and we will create a plan of action which may include advice on self-management, including first-aid if needed, exercises to do at home and referral to your GP or other specialists if needed


By the end of the consultation you will have a ‘working’ diagnosis (i.e. what is most likely to be the problem based on what we have discussed, and you should feel clear about what the next steps are and whether further appointments are required. 


Payment for your consultation should be made by bank transfer to:

Body for Life Osteopathy, Santander Bank

Sort Code 09-01-29, Account 39401658

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